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Chancheng District
Chancheng District Map Covering an area of 153.69km2, with a residential population of 0.5770 million, Chancheng District has five towns and eight sub-district offices under its jurisdiction. As the seat of Foshan City, Chancheng District is situated in the center of Pearl River Delta Area. With fertile and level land, crisscrossing river network,abundant agricultural produces and warm climate, the Chancheng District boasts a favorable geographic position and natural conditions, where the economic and cultural development has long been advanced in the country. Only 6 kilos to the west of Guangzhou-the grand metropolis in southern China, 96 kilos to the northwest of Hong Kong, and 135 kilos to the north of Macao, with Guang (Zhou)-Zhu (Hai), Guang (Zhou)-Zhan (Jiang) and Guang (Zhou)-Mao (Ming) railway lines crossing through and only 6 kilos to Foshan Airport, the Chancheng District is a good place for economic development. As one of the former Four Famous Town of China , here locate a lot of relic units and places of interest, including the Ancestral Temple (reputed as an oriental folk art palace among foreign friends), the Liangs' Garden (one of the Four Famous Garden of Canto, the Huang Feihong (a famous Kong Fu master) Memorial Hall. The Chancheng District has long been known as the Ceramics Capital of South China, and the attractive scenic spots inside the district such as the Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, the China Ceramics City and the Huaxia Ceramics Exposition City embodies the profoundness and the unique glamour of the local ceramic culture.

Nanhai District
Nanhai District MapNanhai District is a city with a long history.lt covers a total area of 1074.91 km1 and has a population of 1.0663 million, neighboring Hong Kong, Macao, next to Guangzhou. The natural environment of the City is advantaged with a flat landform, crisscrossing river courses (the Xijiang River and the Beijiang River run through the City), the average annual temperature of 21.810, the average annual rainfall of 1638mm.
Naihai District is well known as the home of fish & rice, which is plentiful of various agricultural productions. The industries in the District are developed with the main productions of building material, leather, clothes, household electrical goods, electronics, machinery, etc. The traffic network in the District is complete with highways, waterways, ports and airport connecting the other parts of China. The information and communications infrastructure of the District is in its maturiy. The District is among the most active District in commercial affairs all around the country. As one of the Top Tourist Cities of China, Nanhai is an attractive destination of elegant sceneries and simple folkway. The famous landscapes and scenery spots include the Xiqiao Mountain, the Residence of Kang Youwei, the Residence of Qiyuan Cheng, Huangfeihong Martial Art Hall, the Aigrette Palace, Nanhai Film and TV Production Base of CCTV, Leigang Park, etc.

Sanshui District
Sanshui District MapLying in the middle part of Guangdong Province, Sanshui District is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, getting its name for the joining of the Xijiang River, the Beijiang River and the Suijiang River. With a population of 0.3888 million, the District covers an area of 828.07km2. The City is occupied largely by low hills, terrace and plain, and the soil is rich. The average annual temperature is 21.5'C while the average annual rainfall is 1687mm.
As the hinge of the PRD, Sanshui has convenient transportation. It's a food production base in Guangdong Province. Building materials, beverages and textiles are the main industrial products and Jianlibao is well known beverage all over the country. The markets of farm cattle, beverage are the national level special markets.
There are various tourist spots in the District: the Forest Park circ by mountains and waters, the fresh Lotus Word, the Lubao Ancestral Temple integrating with Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, the Dananshan Scenic Sport, the three-river joining Kundu Mountain and the clear Baoya Ait.

Gaoming District
Gaoming District MapGaoming District lies in the middle part of Guangdong Province, the west part of the Pearl River Delta and the lower reaches of Xijiang River, neighboring Shansui District and Nanhai District across the River. With a population of 0.2885 million, the District covers an area of 954.97km2.The average annual temperature is 21.4°C, while the average annual rainfall is 1702mm.The District has convenient land and water traffic. The main agricultural crops include rice, watermelon, peanut, arrowroot, cassava and lotus root, etc. The mainstays of industry are plastics, textile, building material and foodstuff production.
On the basis of spacious lands and rivers, green hills and pure waters, many popular tourist spots have been developed in recent years, such as agricultural base of Nanfeng, Oi Man's Manor of Education, Yinghai Golf Club, Wanbao mountain villa, Century Square Hecheng Park, Linggui Park, etc.

Shunde District
Shunde District MapShunde District lies in the central region of the Pearl River Delta, neighboring Guangzhou, Shengzheng, Hong Kong, Macao and other cities. As a famous-home town of overseas Chinese, the District covers a total area of 802Km: and has a population of 1.1219 Million where the land is rich in waterways area of the fluvial plain of the Pearl River. The average annual temperature is 21.9°C, while the average annual rainfall is 1650mm.
Shunde District has strong comprehensive economic strength with developed industries and is well known as the home of household electrical appliance. Electric fan, gas water heater, refrigerator, electric rice cooker, air conditioner are selling well all over the world Known to the world for its fish pond with mulberry bank, the District is a main area of aquiculture and flower plantation. For circulation field, large special markets have been formed with the furniture industry as the mainstay.
The countryside views, the water area feelings and City landscapes consist of the attractions of Shunde District. Visitors can both enjoy the beauty of the scenic spots such as the Qinghui Garden, Baolin Temple, the Ecological AmuŽsement Park, the Flower World, the New Century AgriculŽtural Manor, Xishan Temple and the delicacies of local cuisines, which are the typical works of Cantonese dishes.
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