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Foshan, as a hometown of delicious food, was well known for its cates and the Fengcheng town, an area under the jurisdiction of Foshan, is a place where a lot of superb cooks have emerged. Foshan people have created a lot of distinct-styled delicacies with the local products. The Foshan Zhuhou Flavored Food and Fengcheng Saute have been popular for centauries among the Cantonese people. Many snacks in Foshan, such as Blind-Man Cake, Steamed Trotter, Wild-chicken Rolls, Fried Milk, Double-layer Milk, Bengsha, Phoenix Cake of Daliang, Sliced Fish, Nahai Dafu Cake, Jiujiang Jiandui, Sanshui Gouzai Duck and so on are all the famous local palatable delicacies stimulating tourists' appetite. Many restaurants in Foshan like the Yunlong Villa Restaurant, Tianhu Restaurant, Dexinzhai are all Restaurants that have become famous for a long time, and the Longde Restaurant, Zhujiang Villa Restaurant, Wangge Seafood Restaurant are newly-emerged ones popular among the consumers.
During the "2003 Delicacy Festival", from April 17 to 18, a local delicacies appraisal activity is held in Foshan. Through public appraising, five "Golden Delicacy Species" including, the Top Ten Golden Medal Dishes, the Top Ten Feasts, the Top Ten Flavored Snacks, the Top Ten Cantonese Flavored Refreshment, the Top Eight Excellent Traditional Food, and the other two "Silver Delicacy Species" are entitled to different dishes and Feasts.
The best of the Top Ten Golden Medal Dishes is the "Fried Bird-Nest, milk and Golden Silk Ball "credited to Longde Restaurant of Shunde. The best of the Top Ten Feasts is the Hometown-Styled Feast offered by Longde Restaurant of Shunde. The best of the Top Ten Flavored Snacks is the "Beixiangyuan Dumplings" of the Beixiangyuan Restaurant in Chancheng. The best of the Top Ten Cantonese Flavor Refreshment is the "Bird's Nest and pearl Soup" made by the by Longde Restaurant of Shunde. And the three "Excellent Traditional Food" is the "Blind-Man Cake" of the Foshan Heji Bekery Co. Ltd, the "Dexinzhai Steamed Trotter" of the Foshan Dexinzhai Foodstuff Co. Ltd, and the "Jiujiang Jiandui" of the Qiaoyuan Bakery under the Naihai China Tourism Group Co. Ltd.

Manggong Cake
Heji Manggong (blind man) Cake is one of the famous and high quality local products of Foshan. It is first made by a blind man (mang gong in local dialect), thus it is so named. Manggong Cake is different from other cakes in material selecting and making process, and it tastes sweet, palatable, and crisp. It's created during the Jiaqing Period of the Qing Dynasty, and has a history of 160 years. Because of its unique making process, tastiness and low price, many people like to eat the cake. Besides at home, the Manggong cakes are sold far and wide to America, Canada, Australia, southeastern Asia, Hong Kong and Macao, and are well received both by overseas Chinese and foreigners.

Dexinzhai Bundled Trotter
Foshan Dexinzhai Bundled Trotter was first created in the last years of the Qing Dynasty. It has unique points in material selecting, making , seasoning and cooking. There are two kinds of making processes, one is to boil a whole trotter slowly with condiments, the other is to skin the trotter, take out the tendons and bones, fill in and bundle fat and lean meat inside the skin, then boil it. Bundled Trotter can be eaten hot or cold. Because of its good taste, fat but not oily, Foshanese like eating the food. Of all the Bundled Trotter makers, Dexinzhai's taste best and are the most authentic, and become more and more popular. After a hundred years of public praise, Dexinzhai Bundled Trotters have established good reputation both at home and abroad, and are sold well in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao.

Jiujiang Fried Rice Dumpling
Jiujiang Fried Rice Dumpling is first made in the Ming Dynasty as a kind of Spring Festival food, it is different from other fried dumplings in its material-selecting. It's skin are made of glutinous rice and sticky rice, and the stuffings are made of corn and fried peanuts. Pinched into ball-shaped and fist-sized ball, it's sprinkled with seamen and pressed flat, then dropped into oil to fry golden. The characteristics of Jiujiang Fried Rice Dumplings are golden in color, thin-skinned and stuffing refined, taste savory and melt easily inside mouth. Jiujiang Fried Rice Dumpling has been listed in "Chinese Thesaurus of Famous Local Products" more than ten years ago.

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