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Foshan is a famous cultural and historical city which is rich in local features. Foshan, the ancient town, is the original place of Guangdong opera and the home of martial arts. Through the years, talent persons come forth in large numbers: Li Wenmao-a famous actor of Guangdong opera, Huang Feihong-a well-known master of Chinese martial art, Bruce Lee-a celebrated movie star of martial arts. Traditional dragon boat competitions, lion dances. Qiuse parade (autumn carnival), walking on the Tongji bridge pass on from generation to generation. All these attract numerous tourists from home and abroad. The entertainment is various and colorful in Foshan city. Guangdong opera plays, modern dances, ballet dramas, symphony, popular music and songs are held unbrokenly day and night. There are also cinemas, theatres, clubs, dance halls, bowling stadiums and golf courses in the city. These add more beautiful scenery to Foshan.

The Immaterial Cultural Heritages of Foshan
In May 2006, Chinese government publicized the first group of "State Protected Immaterial Cultural Heritage Projects List". The Shiwan Ceramic Art. Foshan Woodcarving Spring Festival Painting, Foshan Paper Cutting. Dragon Boat Telling and Singing, the Cantonese Opera, and the Lion Dance of Foshan are among the list.

• Foshan Woodcarving Festival Painting
Created during the Ming Dynasty, and reached its height of splendor from Qing Dynasty to Minguo period, the Foshan Woodcarving Festival Painting is characterized with intense Lingnan style. Its styles and forms mainly include door-god, Spring Festival pictures, and deity paintings, etc.
- Representative scenic spot: Feihong Tiandi Pedestrian Mall

• Dragon Boat Telling and Singing
Originated during the Qing Dynasty and popular in Shunde and Guangzhou Dialect area, the aria of the Dragon Boat Telling and Singing of Shunde is considered as the orthodox. Accompanied by the beats of gong and drum, the folk artist composed rhythmic ballads named "Dragon Boat" and sang them. Gradually this art form changed into a kind of tune of the Cantonese Opera.
- Representative scenic spot: Feihong Tiandi Pedestrian Mall

• Shiwan Ceramic art
Commonly known as "Shiwan Gongzai". the Shiwan Ceramic art can be dated back to the Tang Dynasty, and reached its height During the Ming and Qing Dynasty. The subjects of the Shiwan Ceramic Art include persons, animals, traditional stories. Buddhist and Taoist Characters, etc. Utilizing the technique of "making clay figures without ceramic glaze" to manifest skin and muscles, the Shiwan pottery art ware are considered "more affectionate and humane than porcelain carvings".
- Representative scenic spots: Shiwan Ceramic Art Factory, Shiwan Ceramic Museum

• Foshan Lion Dance
Developed from Kungfu, integrated with dance art, and accompanied by gongs, drums, and cymbals. Started with Big-head Buddha Dance, i.e. the lion leader, and follows the program like, the lion going out of cave, reclining lion pick lingzhi and the traditional green picking, etc.
- Representative scenic spots: Huang Feihong Lion Dance and Kungfu Center, Huang Feihong Memorial Hall

• Foshan Paper Cutting
Foshan Paper Cutting boasts a long history. It has become popular as early as during the Qing Dynasty, and at its height Foshan has more than 30 paper cutting shops and the paper cutting products sell as far as in the south and east Asia. The Foshan Paper Cuttings can be divided into three categories according to making methods: single color cutting, lining color cutting and painting color cutting.
- Representative scenic spot: Foshan Folk Art Research Institute

• Cantonese Opera
Cantonese Opera is also known as Cantonese Daxi, Guangfu Xi. Foshan is one of the main original places of Cantonese Opera. The first guild of Cantonese Opera "Qionghua Hall" appeared in Foshan during the Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty. Nowadays Guangdong Cantonese Opera School. Guangdong Cantonese Opera Theatre have been set up in Foshan, and the 2004 Qionghua Cantonese Opera Art Festival have been successfully held in Foshan. All these make Foshan a Cantonese Opera Center once again.
- Representative scenic spot: Guangdong Cantonese Opera Museum

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