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    Legendary Foshan, a Dancing Lion South China

Foshan, an ancient and vigorous city, lies in the heart of the Pearl River Delta, neighboring Hong Kong and Macao, bordering Guangzhou to the east, Jiangmen and Zhongshan to the south, Zhaoqing to the west and Qingyuan to the north, enjoying a favorable geographic position and a well-developed transportation system. Foshan is fertile in soil, mild in climate, adequate in rainfall and the average temperature is 22.1 C. Foshan is a suitable place for travelers all year around.
Foshan is now administratively divided into Chancheng, Nanhai, Shunde, and Gaoming District. The total area of Foshan is 3,813.64km2 and the population is 3.4425 million. It has been honored as State Historical & Cultural City. Top Tourist City in China, "Healthy City Status", "Garden City at Country Level", "Best Practice on Human Inhabitation" by the United Nation and " Native place of Chinese Chefs".
Foshan boasts a long history. It is recorded that "Foshan was inchoative in the Jin Dynasty, and got its name the Tang Dynasty." In the second year of Zhenguan Period of the Tang Dynasty(A.D. 628), three figures of Buddha were excavated on a hillock named Tapogang. So the local people erected a stone stele engraved "Foshan" (a hill of Buddha), shortened as "chan"{Zhen). Foshan has long been a place where merchants swarmed and traffic smooth, and was famous for its textile, ceramics, foundry, medicine industry and folk arts. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, the city expanded its role as one of the "Four well known towns" and one of the "Four Distribution Centers". Foshan is the showcase of the Lingnan culture, the cradle of the Cantonese opera, the home to Chinese Kung Fu, art, delicacies, ceramics.
Foshan is also the main cradle land of Cantonese dishes, Foshanese chefs are famous for their excellent craft far and wide. It has long been said that "to eat in Canto, while good chefs come from Foshan". The artware of Foshan is superb in techniques and well-known both at home and abroad. The paper-cut of Foshan is exquisite and beautiful, bright and refined. Qiuse( autumn craft) in Foshan is lifelike and wonderful in workmanship. Shiwan ceramic sculpture is true to life and spirit. Additionally. Foshan's wood-carving, lion-craft and cake-making mold are also popular for its exquisite workmanship.
Foshan is well developed in economy, and has a solid industry base. A modemly equipped and sizable industry system has been established in Foshan. Foshan has a lot of nationally known brands and many magnificent specialty markets and exhibition halls have been set up here. Up till now, Foshan has hosted national and international expositions for many times.
Foshan is abundant in tourist resources. Apart from the state and provincial "Key Protected Relic Unit" and famous scenic area such as the Ancestral Temple, Qinghui Garden, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, the Liangs' Garden, Sanshui Ancient Village and Nanhai Xiqao Mountain, in recent years, six scenic spots in Foshan have been named as "National Industrial and Agricultural Pilot bases ". and eight wonderful sights of "Xiqiao Diecui", "Zumiao Shengyu", "Qinghui Yuxiu", "Guzao Xinchuan", "Huahai Qiguan", "Yunshui Hexiang", "Zhaomu Lingyun and "Nanguo Taoyuan" has been selected and named as "Eight Scenic Spots" of Foshan.
Foshan is your best choice for sightseeing, recreation and tradenegotiating. Welcome you to foshan!
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