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    The New Eight Scenic Spots Of Foshan

Xiqiao-Diecui - Xiqiao Mountain
Xiqiao Muntain is a famous mountain in Guangdong Province, national AAAA tour zone, national important tour zone, national forest and provincial holiday tour area, is located in south-western part in Nanhai District. Yunhailiantai, Huang-Daxian Holy Land, Baiyun Cave, Tian Hu (Heaven) Lakes, Stone Swallow Rock and Sifang Bamboo Garden, etc, each of them has its own characteristic and enhance each other's beauty.

- Opening time: 7:30-17:30 (Nanhai Bodhisattva Culture Garden, Tianhu Lake scenic spot: 7:30-23:00)
- Through ticket price: 50 Yuan

Zumiao-Shengyu - Foshan Ancestral Temple
Foshan Ancestral Temple is in Foshan Museum, located in No. 21 Zumiao Road of Chancheng District. It was first built during Yuanfeng Reign (1078-1085) of the Northern Song Dynasty. It is an artistic palace gathering ceramic, woodcarving, metal -casting, architecture arts of ancient Foshan. The Ancestral Temple is an important cultural relic site mainly protected by the state.

- Opening time: 8:30-18:30       - Through ticket price: 20 Yuan
- Traffic: Bus No.101, 124, 114, 106, 107, 109, 110, 111, 112, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 126, 127, 128

Qinhui-Yuxiu - Qinghui Garden
Qinghui Garden was built in the last period of Ming Dynasty, situated on Qinghui Road, Daliang Town, Shunde District. Today's Qinghuiyuan Garden has become a typical traditional South China Garden with Lingnan style of construction. Fine Courtyards are built inside the garden and scenes can be seen beyond scenes.

- Opening time: 8:00-18:00       - Ticket price: 15 Yuan

Guzao-Xinchuan - Ancient Nanfeng Kiln
The Ancient Nanfeng Kiln is located in Gaomiao Street of Shiwan Town, Chancheng District. It was built in Zhengde Reign (1506-1521) of the Ming Dynasty, having been burning and producing ceramics for five hundred years, which is rare both at home and abroad. It is a State Key Protected Relic Unit.

- Opening time: 8:00-17:00       - Ticket price: 15 Yuan
- Traffic: Bus No. 101, 109, 115, 120

Huahai-Qiguan - The World Of Flowers
The World of Flowers, a National Agricultural Pilot Base, located in Chencun town of Shunde district, covers an area of 5,000 mu. More than 400 domestic and foreign companies engaged in the business of flowers and plants have established their offices here. Since the 5th China Flower Expo in 2001, the World of Flowers has become an ideal place for flower watching and purchasing, sightseeing and trips.

- Opening time: 8:00-20:00

Yunshui-Hexiang - The World Of Lotus
Samshui Lotus World is nations AAAA tour zone. situated in Nanfeng Broad Road, occupying one thousand mu (66.67 hectares) which has more than 300 varieties of lotuses. It is a lotus theme park where you can enjoy viewing and traveling. leisure and holiday, lotus foods and shopping.

- Opening time: 8:00-17:30       - Ticket price: 50 Yuan

Zaomu-Lingyun - Zaomu Mountain
Zhaomu Mountain Standing beside the Yangmei Town, Gaoming, Foshan, with its highest peak towering 805m, the Zhaomu Mountain is the highest one in Foshan City. With rivulets rolling, fountains flowing, waterfalls flying, the pines soughing in the wind, the main peak of the rolling mountain thrusts high, imposing and grand back grounded with the curtain ("mu" in Chinese) of the sky, thus the mountain gets its name's.

Nanguo-Taoyuan - Nanguo Peach Garden
Nanguo Peach Garden Situated in the famous Peach Land-Shishan Town, Nanhai, the Nanguo Peach Garden covers an area of 8km2.The main sights here include Naihai Kwan-yin Temple, aigrette Heaven, Bibo Lake, Peach Valley, and are completed with Fengdan Bailu Hotel, Village Club Hotel Filed Operation Club and a golf course. With hills and lakes surrounding, birds singing and flowers blooming, Nanguo Peach Garden is a modern and large-scaled travel resort integrating holiday spending, recreating, conference and religious culture together.

- Ticket Price: Nanguo Peach Garden 5 Yuan; Kwan-yin Temple 10 Yuan
- Traffic: Bus No.219, 222, 238, 244; Lanjing Tour Bus, route 2
- Add: Shishan, Nanhai district, Foshan
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Liangyuanqiuyue - Liang's Garden

Asia Art Park

Huangfeihong's Pugilism Hall

Linggui Garden
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