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    Proposed Itineraries -- Recommended Itineraries around Foshan

Route A: History and Culture
the Foshan Ancestral Temple, the Liangyuan Garden, the Nanfeng Ancient Kiln, the Foshan Institute of Folk Arts, the Daqitou Ancient Village.

Route B: Special Tour of "the Eight New Scenic Spots"
the Foshan Ancestral temple, the Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, the Xiqiao Mountain, the Qinghui Garden, the Chencun Flower World.

Route C: South-China Martial Arts
Visiting the Huang Feihung Memorial Hall, Ip-man's Memorial Hall, the Hongsheng Martial Arts Center, Jingwu Society of Foshan, Huang Feihung Lion Dance & Martial Arts Center, the Former Residence of Bruce Lee; watching the Bonesetting Operation performed by the local doctors of traditional Chinese medicine; exchanging martial arts with the members of the Foshan Jingwu Society and learning the famous boxing skills of the southern Chinese martial arts: the Hung, Yongchun, and Cai, li & fo schools of boxing.

Route D: Industrial Tourism
Wanjiale Group Co. ltd, Desheng Plaza, the archway of Shunfeng Hill Park, the Shunde Exhibition Center, the Kelong Group Co. ltd, the Pedestrian Mall of Huagai Road.

Route E: Home Beatifying Tourism
The Folk Art Research Institute, the Upholstering Culture Plaza of Dongpeng Ceramic Factory, the Foshan Art Ceramic Factory, the Huaxia ceramics exhibition City, the Lecong Furniture World, the Chencun Flower World.

Route F: Leisure & Vacation
the Nanguo Peach Garden, the Nanhai Film and TV Production City, the Xiqiao Mountain, the Gaoming Oimen's Farm, the Yingxiang Ecological Park.

          Nanhai Film & Television Production Base Of CCTV           Guzao-Xinchuan - Ancient Nanfeng Kiln
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