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Institute Of Folk Arts
Institute Of Folk Arts lies on Zumiao Road, Chancheng District. The folk arts have a great variety including paper-cut. tying, colored lantern, wood engraving New Year Pictures, paintings , calligraphy and the technology consists of paper laminating, sculpture, carving, adhering and casting, etc.

- Opening time: 9:00-17:00       - Traffic: Bus No.101, 105 or 111

Shiwan Factory Of Art Ceramics
Shiwan Factory Of Art Ceramics is a National Industrial Pilot Base, is located in Dongfeng Road, Shiwan Town, Foshan District. Some products are pottery figures and animals which have vivid and life-like shapes, rich expressions, plain and vigorous glazes. And others are modern pottery with simple, elegant, and fresh style, permeated with contemporary flavor.

- Opening time: 8:00-11;30, 13:00-17:00
- Traffic: Bus No.101, 109 or 115

Xinghua Shopping Mall
Xinghua Shopping Mall is situated in the flourishing business center of Chancheng District-Zumiao Road. It consists of the Xinghua department store (floor 1-4) and the Xinghua restaurant (floor 5-7) with the multifunctional services of shopping, recreation, food and accommodation. The Mall covers an area of 18,100m2, over 60,000 items and varieties of commodities are available inside the building.

Dongjan Century Plaza
Dongjan Century Plaza is situated in the business centre of the Chancheng District. The Complex is composed of two super-big scale commercial and cultural plazas, and is a modern intelligent building integrating residence, department stores and recreation facilities.

Foshan Eastern Square
It covers 250000m2 area and 230000m2 of it is used for business. There are ten different kinds of groups and the biggest car-parking lot in it. As one of the biggest commercial place in South China, the design, construction, and the functions of Eastern Square melt traveling, entertainment, eastern folk-custom, relaxation and recreation into leisure, and is actually a TOUR MALL. It not only gives the investors, tradesmen and customers a gigantic supermarket, but also a whole business block, like Las Vegas & the Horton Plaza in USA, or the West Edmonton Mall in Canada.

Baihua Plaza
Baihua Plaza located on the Zumiao Road-the business center of Chancheng District. Baihua Plaza is the tallest building in Foshan and a multifunctional mansion comprising of shopping center, restaurants, office tower, service apartments and car parks. The shopping center of Baihua Plaza occupies the first six floors of the building with one of the largest department stores - Shengping Shopping Mall and over 20 well-known international chain stores such as KFC, Watsons, Cour Carre and so on.

Huaxia Ceramics Exhibition City
Huaxia Ceramics Exhibition City: a National Industrial Pilot Base, locates at Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District of Foshan City, covering 1,500 mu. It is the largest ceramic exhibition, trade and tour center in China, displaying various ceramic cultures and fitments.

- Opening time: 9:00-17:00       - Traffic: Bus No.226 or 251

China Ceramics City
China Ceramics City Situated in Shiwan-the Potteries of South China, China Ceramics City is a modern ceramics expo center integrating informing, distributing, exhibiting, touring and diets into one. Costing 300 million Yuan the main exhibition hall covers an area of 50,000m2 and is completed with a distributing center and trading halls. Because of its perfect and future orientation, China Ceramics City provides consummate service and environment for ceramic enterprises, imports and exports merchants to trade technologies, negotiate and cooperate.

- Opening time: 9:00-17:30       - Traffic: Bus No.101, 109, 115, 130, 133 or 134

Guangdong Dongpeng Ceramic Co. Ltd
Guangdong Dongpeng Ceramic Co. Ltd, located in BaoTa Road, Shiwan, Chancheng, is a national industrial tourism demonstrating spot. As one of the largest enterprises in China, it is specialized in producing wall and floor ceramic tiles and sanitary wares. The exhibition hall demonstrates the fashion of room decoration culture with different subjects. It is a comprehensive ceramic exhibition center, which combines trade, arts, culture, and tourism closely.

Nanhai Plaza
Mainly consists of the large-scale department store and supermarket, complemented with brand franchised stores, a sauna health center, KTV hall, Meiqi Playground, gourmet plaza, Kentucky Fast-food, large-scale banqueting hall, roof garden, cinema, bookstore, gymnasium and domestic electric appliance shop, the plaza deals in more than 80,000,000 kinds of goods and more than 10 items of amusement and eateries. Nanhai Plaza is not only an " all in one" shopping center to the convenience of the consumers, but also a place that can satisfy every demand of the customers.

Shopping In Shunde
Shopping is of great convenience in Shunde. Here scatter a lot of specialized markets, pedestrian mall, large-scale shops and chain stores. Daliang New-World shopping mall, situated near the New-World Hotel, ranks among the largest shops in Shunde, wherein stand hundreds of business berths. The pedestrian mall of Huagai Street modeled after ancient style, which extends 2 kilos, is situated in the downtown area of the city. With hundreds of stores inside dealing in mainly dresses and personal adornments and many of them are world-brand chains, complimented with other stores selling articles of everyday use and restaurants offering local dishes and snacks, roaming the mall will be a great pleasure for the tourists.

Biyufeng Jewelry Co
It is situated at #40 Xinhua Bei Road. The company mainly deals with complete and novel jadeite, gold, silver, ruby, sapphire and natural diamond earrings, necklaces and other various jewelry. The jewelry sold by the company are all tested by the Guangdong Technology Supervision Institute and attached with certificates at province level. The company also provides perfect after-sale service for the customers. These make the jewelry here well accepted by the customers.

Jingiyunxuan Gallery
Jingiyunxuan Gallery is situated at 106, #25 Xinhua Road North, covering more than 500m2, where converge paintings and calligraphy of renowned artists. The gallery offers a good locale for artists around the country to exhibit their works.
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